I samarbete med Wave festival kurerar Skräddare som rebell en veckad paviljong. 
En paviljong där 10 tält konstverk står i dialog med festivalen och skapar veck och fållor på festivalområdet. 
Tälten representeras av en konstnär eller mindre kurerade utställningar i utställningen. 
Den textila Paviljongens struktur och upprepning skapar en mötesplats där konst, samtal och musik får flöda. 

//Skräddare som rebell är en grupp beståendes av konstnärer kuratorer, skribenter som alla kommer från textila familjer. Genom att kollektivt prova idéer om det textila arvet, det veckade, vill gruppen utvidga begreppet för vad en utställning och ett samtal kan vara.




The art pavilion consists of ten tents represented by an artist or smaller curated exhibitions within the exhibition. It has been put together by a group of artists called ”Tailor As Rebel”, and they're all artists, curators or writers who share a common background as they all come from families, where one member or more have been active in the textile / tailoring industry. By collectively trying out ideas about the textile heritage and what they call the ”plaited mind”, the group wants to expand the concept of what an exhibition and dialogue might be. And the repetative structure of the tent pavilion creates a meeting place where art, conversation and music can flow.


Jill Lindström // Göteborg
Ulrika Segerberg // Berlin 
Henrik Persson // Göteborg 
Alina Vergnano // Göteborg 
Jukka Korkela  // Glauburg  
Dorota Lukianska // Berlin // Göteborg 
Goran Hassanpour // City skrädderi // Västerås 
Sunniva Ingvarsson // Borås 
Pia König & Sara ingrid Andersson  // Göteborg 
Attila Urban // Göteborg 
Martin Solymar // Göteborg 

Folded pavilion is supported by  projekt PRONTO  from the Gothenburg's City Art Council 


b.74 In Szczcin / PL, based in Gothenburg and Berlin.

Educated at the University of Gothenburg and Konstfack.

In recent years she has participated in exhibitions in Sweden and abroad, including:GIBCA 2013, 48 H Neukölln Berlin, BBK In Münich, Binz 39 In Zurich, Maus Habitos In Porto. 

Her work questions norms, history and memory.

She works with recycled material that she modifies to then present as spatial story installations.

For the Wave Festival in 2018 she contributes with a sculpture entitled "Emperor's New Clothes".

The work takes on the representation of the intelligence man and its ability to trust in their own minds and the willingness to adapt to the group. By using a tent / shelter / temporary home, she also touches the dissolution

of the private in public space.


b.1989 in Turin (IT) lives and works in Gothenburg.

She holds a bachelor degree in Illustration and Animation from the European Institute of Design in Turin, Italy. Since 2012 her work has been exhibited in galleries and venues in different countries in Europe and Asia, including Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Germany, France, India and Taiwan. She recently had solo shows at S.P.G. gallery in Stockholm (2017), Limited Works in Copenhagen (2018) and a three person exhibition at Cabinet Studio in Milan (2018). 


In Alina Vergnano’s work the body and the female figure become a visual metaphor to represent the otherwise abstract states of mind which she aims to explore with her practice. Her work as an artist focuses mostly on drawing and sculpture and their interaction. She uses different materials as clay, plaster, steel, paper and textile to create works of the most variable dimensions, from small delicate sculptures to big installations of works on papers. 


For Wave festival in 2018 she will create a sculpture entitled “Traces” with which she means to reflect upon the nature of the traces that people, events or experiences leave on a person. How long they will last, how deep they will be? Will they be visible to?


b.94 based in Borås / Gothenburg.Educated at Göteborgs Konstskola, Ideas, 2017-18, Painting 2013-15 and KV Konstskola 2016-17.

Recently participated in the exhibition Glossolalia idé18 at Konstepidemin.In September exhibiting with the exhibition Between Four Eyes at Gallery Majnabbe.

To the Wave Festival 2018 / Folded pavilion, she participates with the "Thoughtform" sculpture. The idea comes from a lexicon with the same title (A. Besant, London, 1901), where emotional modes and music are described using geometric figures.

I build myself a tipi, testing volumes of thought.


Jukka Korkeila b.68 in Hämeenlinna, Finland lives and works Berlin, Helsinki and Glauburg-Stockheim. He is educated at, among others, the Technical University, the Department of Architecture and the Visual Arts Academy in Helsinki
Korkeila is one of the most important Finnish artists in his generation and his works are displayed in galleries and museums around the world.

Right now akuell with the exhibition Pope and Frau Kraft on tour at Gallery Sign / Reykjavík

Jukka Korkeila's painting processes the existence and sexuality through powerful expressions in color and scale. The male body is recurring and often the viewer can be in direct physical contact with the veken by entering into Korkeila's measurable installations.


To the Wave festival in 2018, he contributes with the work "Return to Earth", which embodies rebirth and the eve of the body as part of a natural cycle.


Martin Solymar f.1981 in Gothenburg.Solymar took his Masters Degree 2012 at the Valand Academy of Fine Arts and is based in Gothenburg. 
In recent years, Martin's work has been shown in the Caribbean, Europe and Scandinavia. 

Solymar's interest areas in his image world are Caribbean folklore and Nordic mythology, including music genres such as Meringue, Son and Black Metal.

To the Wave Festival in 2018 he contributes with the air sculpture Lindsala, a small temple dedicated to Lindormen



Pia König b.1968 in Karlskrona, based in Gothenburg.

Educated at the art school of Valand.
In recent years, her work has been shown at the mining museum and the Örebro art gallery.
Pia is also a member of the Artist group TOMBOLA, who recently exhibited at the Galleri Konstepidemin with the exhibition "Allting kokar".

Sara Ingrid Andersson b.1983 in Skövde, based in Gothenburg.
Educated at Textilhögskolan and HDK.
In recent years, her works include participation in GIBCA Extended at the Art Pact, "On And On And On", Gallery Thomassen and shown at Binnebergs Tingshus

To the Wave Festival in 2018, Pia König and Sara Ingrid Andersson contribute in collaboration with the work "Epiphany"


Ulrika Segerberg b.1976 in Västerås, based in Berlin.
Educated at Gerrit Rietveldt Academy in Amsterdam (NL) and at the School of Visual Arts, New York (USA).
Her work and performance has recently been shown at Dorich House Museum, London (GB), Västerås Art Museum, Västerås (S), Galleri 21, Malmö, LENTOS Linz (A), Grimmuseum, Berlin (D). She currently works with an artistic design for a school in Gothenburg.

Together with Katrin Plavcak, she forms the duo M.O.G (Mothers of God). With the help of contact microphones and a looper, they make music on two sewing machines. She also sings and writes texts to the German hard-core band Kratze and to the electro duo Matka.

To the Wave festival in 2018, Ulrika Segerberg contributes with the work But it made you sleep.
A tent cloth made of last year's never finished textile works. Dyed fabrics, cut into long strips and sewn together again, like an oversize rug. 

the heat         wakes you up 

inside    becomes    outside 


Jill Lindström b.51 in Gothenburg. Educated at Hovedskous Målerskole, Akademi Valand-Free Art and New Media, MA Arts, BA Cultural Anthropology.

In recent years, her works have been shown at Dak'Art - OFF, Ronneby Cultural Center, Vänersborg Art Hall, Infectory Gallery London etc.

To the Wave Festival in 2018 she contributes to the performance II.


Attila Urban b.77 in Köping, based in Gothenburg.
Educated at the Art Institute of Fine Arts and Facultad de Bellas Artes, Cuenca, Spain.

His last solo exhibition was 2017 at Galler Konstepidemin titled "X / 'All is still, still.' /!".

Urban works with performative staging of individual and collective memories.
Moments that question our contemporary relationship to history and identity. 
He investigates through his image-making how displacement and exile break with tradition and rituals.


To the Wave Festival in 2018 he contributes with a sculpture / installation entitled "Kaddish".


Henrik Persson b.72 in Gothenburg. Based in Gothenburg. 
Educated at the Valand University of Applied Sciences 96-01. 

In recent years, Persson's work has been shown and participated in Dalsland Art Museum, Gallery 54 Gothenburg and Litteraturhuset Göteborg and the 13-Festival, Gothenburg. 

To the Wave Festival 2018 he contributes with the work "Increased Preparedness". 

Guide to Increased Prep:  We don´t Dance -But we got Rythm 

Signal 30 seconds, break 15 seconds, Signal 30 seconds, break 15 seconds 

The work pries inte the field of Information and our ability/inability to absorb and relate to risk or crisis assessements. 

The work is compiled in connection with MSB´s writing "Om Knisen eller Knåkan Kommer" and the catalogue is available for free or download from: 

@2018 Wavefestival

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