You´ll find us on the Asperö Island, in the archipelago of Gothenburg, Sweden.
To get there from Gothenburg city, use local transportation

Adress: Korshamnsvägen 26, 430 80 Asperö.

Where to stay:

Wave Festival offers a camp site right on the beach for a limited amount of visitors. The relaxation level on the camp site (1-10): Approximitely 15.

Plenty of hotels, bnb:s and hostels as well as Airbnb:s in the Gothenburg area, for those of you who'd prefer a more comfortable stay.


The executive chefs behind our favourite Gothenburg restaurants Bocado, Boca-Boca Gastro Club and Market, will be adding their pinch of salt to the Festival, with a fusion between Asian, Latin American and Spanish kitchens.



There is nothing like the Swedish summer at its best. But the coastal climate surely gives us our share of rain. It's probably a good idea to be prepared for some rain and strong winds as well as extremely hot weather, indeed. Stages, restaurants and dance floors will however be protected from rain.



Wave Festival conducts an absolute zero tolerance policy concerning the possession, sale, contribution, or use of any illegal drugs.

Age limit:

20 years 

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